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Welcome to #‎AARYAHFINDS. We want to highlight makers, creators and artisans who are following their passion and doing what they love.
So Jaffrene, for anyone who doesn't know... Where are you from?
J: I live in Dallas, Texas where everything is bigger and better. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve traveled all across the globe but Texas will always be home.
What does your handle, @theloungecat_ mean?
J: The Lounge Cat is what I like to refer to as my handle for all my creative projects. I’ve always had cats in my life, I’m also a Leo and Bengali and love Bengal Tigers so cats have always been a theme in my life.
How would you describe your personal style?
J: Definitely eclectic. Nowadays I like to mix minimal silhouettes with a few accessories inspired by my South Asian heritage.
Do you have a specific style aesthetic that interests you at this current moment?
J: The 60s! The makeup, hair, and clothes get me in the mood for summer.
On your Instagram, you definitely rock a lot of standout pieces…. Where do you shop? Thrifted? Designer?
J: I mostly thrift at random shops here in Texas but I pick up designer pieces here and there. My vintage pieces always steal the show and I secretly love raiding the little boy’s denim section at thrift stores to find the perfect fit for my petite frame.
Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years creatively?
J: I would really just like to continue what I’m doing now creatively but just more of it! More art, more shoots, and more collaborations.
If you had to come up with your own stylish “tribe” of women, who would they be?
J: MIA, Priyanka Chopra, Kesh!
Rapid Fire Questions:
Last music artist you listened to?
J: Rihanna
Breakfast or Dinner?
J: Breakfast! (Avocado Toast)
Flats or heels?
J: Flats
Favorite piece in your closet at this very moment?
J: Red denim jacket by Marques Almeida
Summer style must have?
J: Gold jewelry!  
Jaffrene compliments her outfit's blue hues with our Naima Gold Ring and Raykah Gold Choker.
Find more about Jaffrene:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaffreneblog
Twitter: @jaffrene
Instagram: @theloungecat_
Website: theloungecat.com (under construction)


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