The 4 Cs

Our guide to the 4 Cs of a diamond.


A diamond's cut brings out the sparkle. Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and the "cut grade" is how well a diamond’s facets interact with the light. A diamond that is cut poorly can appear extremely dull and lifeless. We work with diamonds that have an optimal cut as we want you to have the best sparkle. The 4 Cs - Aaryah 4Cs Cut


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamond color on a scale of D – Z, colorless to light yellow. A diamond that is chemically pure has no hue and receives a colourless grading, whereas a diamond with traces of nitrogen has a yellow tint. Color distinctions are very subtle and invisible to the untrained eye, however they make a big difference in diamond quality and price. AARYAH will help guide you on deciding which diamond color is best suited for your ring design and budget.

The 4 Cs - Aaryah 4Cs Color

Fancy Color

1 in 10,000 diamonds have a fancy color and their value is dependent on tone and saturation. These rare specimens come in every color of the spectrum, including blue, green, pink, and red. Large fancy vivid colored diamonds are extremely valuable and have been breaking records in high-profile auctions around the world. AARYAH has the network to provide you with the rarest of diamonds.

 The 4 Cs - Aaryah 4Cs FancyColor


Every natural diamond has unique characteristics as they are formed underneath the earth’s surface. A diamond’s clarity is the assessment under magnification of the small blemishes on the surface and within; these imperfections are extremely hard to see with the naked eye. While no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it gets, the higher its value. Every AARYAH diamond is assessed to assure consistency in our standards.


The 4 Cs - Aaryah 4Cs Clarity



Carat is a diamond’s weight, not its size. When comparing a diamond’s carat weight, you must account for its cut as well. A high carat weight and low cut grade may look smaller than a diamond with a lower carat weight but better cut grade. AARYAH will help you choose the ideal diamond carat weight for your needs.

Aaryah 4 Cs Carat - Aaryah 4Cs Carat