"I was always inspired by the magic of the earth, the elements, people, and culture that breathes life into it. I wanted to translate everything that inspired me growing up into my work, to create pieces that felt powerful, looked beautiful, and told a unique story" - Megan Kothari, founder of AARYAH

Born into a family of jewelers, her evolution as an artist has always been energized by her surroundings. Megan hopes to create timeless pieces that grow with the wearer and communicate an empowering message that lasts a lifetime.

Growing up, her grandfather would tell her stories of their ancestors, lineage and family upbringing. Even though she was born in the US, the connection she felt back home to India was powerful and became a part of how she expressed herself, from what she wore, to her interaction, and eventually into her work.

AARYAH was born to create a deeper meaning for the jewelry we wear every day. Each piece is a modern heirloom, a totem of strength to be worn and cherished for years. AARYAH’s soul and devotion is to communicate a transcending message of beauty that thrives from within and all around us. As AARYAH grows, Megan sees AARYAH as a garden of inspiration, a space for women to unite and ignite their fire inside.

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