A Letter from the Founder: International Women's Month 2023


In honor of International Women’s Month, I want to express my gratitude to the many inspiring women who cross my path every day. Whether they are brides-to-be, women who reach out to us on Instagram, or creatives who collaborate with us, I have been fortunate to meet numerous women who are a source of influence to me and my brand, AARYAH.

At AARYAH, we strive to create fine jewelry that reflects the true essence of our wearers. As we move forward, we want to continue creating space for women's voices and unique experiences.

Our upcoming campaign celebrates womanhood by amplifying the beauty, strength, and radiance of women's voices, as well as the relationships that are formed along the journey of womanhood. I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of this campaign that was brought to fruition by a diverse group of impactful and inspiring NYC based creatives.

Before we launch, we invite you to immerse yourself in female energy and listen to a playlist curated by all the women behind AARYAH. This playlist is composed of female icons whose music embraces the beautiful journey of womanhood.



With love and light,

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