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Your Guide To The Solar Eclipse From Astrologist Sophie Won
Your Guide To The Solar Eclipse From Astrologist Sophie Won

Your guide to the solar eclipse from astrologist Sophie Won of Netflix's hit show Indian Matchmaking. On October 25th, 2022, we have the new moon ...

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AARYAH x The Reha App: The Collaboration You've Been Waiting For
AARYAH x The Reha App: The Collaboration You've Been Waiting For

AARYAH x The Reha App: The Collaboration You've Been Waiting For AARYAH x Reha App limited-edition collaboration is finally here. We've teamed up ...

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Megan Kothari Founder of AARYAH
A Reflection: International Women's Month 2022

Oftentimes, as women, we are taught from a young age to be strong and brave. My dad knew how much harder it was for women in this world and taugh...

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AARYAH Luxury Jewelry Brand

Every single piece of AARYAH is designed to inspire both inward and outward manifestations of personal power. We take inspiration from the earth's natural stones and precious metals to recreate the splendor of nature on and in you; to help you feel like your best self. Our women's fine jewelry brand isn't about the jewelry, it's about your story.

Handcrafted and Responsibly sourced

Every piece of jewelry is a story on its own; from the culture behind it to the hands that create it right down to the hands that wear it. At our fine diamond jewelry brand, we believe that beauty lies beyond superficial appearances and that's why we pride ourselves on producing high-quality, handcrafted fine jewelry pieces. You can check our online store to see these beautiful handmade pieces. Putting love at the helm, is the philosophy that drives the development of every invention. In our jewelry company, intentions are everything. We are deeply aware of how our collectives actions affect the planet. In both the mining and sourcing of our diamonds, we adhere to strict ethical and environmental standards. Made with love and light for the world and its inhabitants in mind, each piece radiates positive energy.

Design a bespoke engagement ring

Our undeniable core and philosophy is that our jewelry extends beyond the surface. There's an attachment between a piece of jewelry and the person who wears it. For us, It's all about you. We seek to help "immortalize" the feeling and create fine jewelry to celebrate you; when you take a look at your finger and in that moment, your piece is an extension of your story. That's who we are and the feeling we want you to feel or we're after. We find unending fulfillment in making the love that exists between two people into something that can be seen and felt everyday. We will always feel grateful for the privilege that we get to work with clients on their special piece. Our clients share their story and vision with us, we convert it into a realistic sketch, and then we collaborate with our NYC master jewelers to make the vision a reality. Our exclusive handmade jewelry is to paint and carve a beautiful picture of your partnership with your partner; to help capture all the emotions.

Exclusive Jewelry for a Special Day

The right piece of jewelry can convey an entire message without requiring the wearer to utter a single word. Our message is that it's all about you. The customization power is solely in your hands. If you want a personalized jewelry piece for a special event or a special day, our custom fine jewelry store helps to make bespoke jewelry piece that represent you. Every woman has a story to tell; some chapters have already been written and many more are going to be written. If you want an exclusive jewelry piece that would represent a special memory, you should contact us through our online fine jewelry shop. Jewelry serves as an extension of the wearer and we can make exclusive jewelry, especially for you.

Most Popular Pieces

Your search for gold, or diamond jewelry pieces shouldn't be a hassle. Our philosophy of prioritizing the person adorning such precious stones is all you need to know as we're a trusted online fine jewelry store for all things fine. From earrings to rings, necklaces, and hoops, you can count on us as a reliable dainty jewelry maker.

Buy luxury brand Jewelry from AARYAH → Feel empowered to buy from us

We take pride in the quality our jewelry pieces. Navigate your way to our online Jewelry shop, you'll see that it's home to the best luxury brand jewelry pieces! As you browse through our jewelry shopping website, you'll discover that our jewelry brand brings together the class together with our dedication to ensuring your true intentions are being recognized and that your positive energies are being materialized.