A Reflection: International Women's Month 2022

Oftentimes, as women, we are taught from a young age to be strong and brave.

Megan as a Baby

My dad knew how much harder it was for women in this world and taught me early on to "control my emotions. He wasn't trying to belittle my experience, but was trying to prepare me for what was ahead in life.

Now that I'm finally growing into my own, I'm understanding myself better and better. I'm learning to embrace myself at all moments along my journey. Instead of a constant brave face, sometimes I just want to sit in my vulnerability.

And that is ok; it is ok to just "be" — to exist as I am. It's those moments that authentically connect us to each other." - Megan Kothari, AARYAH Founder​​​​​​​​
Watch this space as we have a very special project coming soon for International Women's Month 2022 feature three unique NYC women!

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