Tara Marzuki: International Women's Month

Tara Marzuki the awe-inspiring content creator in “the City that Never Sleeps”

Honesty, love, and experience are the virtues that Tara Marzuki, a Brooklyn-based content developer, digital editor, and photographer, lives by as a visionary that creates wonders in the digital world. You may know her from Instagram, Youtube, or her brand Lover’s Sunday.

Describing herself as a creative person: “I truly love to make things! Over the years I've painted, sewn, woodworked, made armor for Game of Thrones. Honestly, I’ll try anything! I think I’m most proud of seeing my fashion collection at university on the runway - so much work went into that.”

Tara is now making her mark on New York as an original influencer of the big city's fashion, art, and style. “Being freelance since leaving university - I really love being my own boss and I was willing to put in the grind in order to work the way I like to work on my own projects!”

While seeking a muse for her art, she reveals that she is a staunch feminist who draws her inspiration from all women. “There’s no singular person - I think there is something to be admired in every woman, a resilience in every story, but if I had to choose, I’m going to be cliché and choose my mom as her caring soul inspires me.” Leaning into her own feminity, “My womanhood means fully taking responsibility for myself and realizing my true power as a woman.”

Fashion is one major way she channels her creativity. As a social media content creator, she inspires thousands of people on her Instagram page, therefore, she is intentional with how she styles herself. Adornments serve as a powerful reminder and communicator of self-expression, therefore the jewelry that Tara wears is meaningful. Our curiosity prompts the question: 

Do you have a special piece of jewelry?

“Absolutely, a piece of jewelry you love and wear every day has that same feeling of expression and meaningfulness to me as something like a tattoo - you want to have it forever. I have an Irish Claddagh ring I wear every day. The design includes two hands clasped around a heart topped with a crown. Each of these elements has its own meaning: the hands represent friendship, the heart symbolizes true love, and the crown is for loyalty. Depending on which direction the heart faces it can indicate if you are single or taken to others!”

Her taste is impeccable, which we can attest to; the way she combined our various styles, and settings during our shoot is a model to emulate. She brought the trend of AARYAH stackable rings to their zenith, combining our NYOKA Brown Diamond Ring, our JUPITER Yellow Pear Diamond Engagement Ring and few of our other sparkly diamond bands together. This eclectic style manifests into a floating pattern of delicate jewelry pieces.

The delicacy of the simple NYOKA pear shape yellow diamond ring combined with classical ONDO bands are reinforcing strong pure energy that pictures a sinuous grace. The one stone rings form little stations in the wavy flow of Tara’s creative style.


Standalone Wedding Bands are known as bolder statement jewelry. Our MERKURI Diamond Band of band is wider and features a pave diamond setting. Tara’s combination is a repose to modern jewelry stilling as she is showcasing it next to our Men’s Rocky plain gold band and our beautiful LIZ Radiant cut bezel-style engagement ring on the index finger.  

“Lean into your divine femininity and learn to receive as much as you give!” that is how Tara sees the Yin energy. She boldly makes a fashion statement by wearing this impressive NOIR Black Diamond Choker unveiling her neckline, and proudly saying that “I love to dance and create, I think doing whatever makes you feel free as a soul is a way to honor your femininity!”

To balance Yin with Yang, she used black and her bezel set cushion cut diamonds ring on her pinky finger to create a reversed pattern. She truly combines it all and inspires each one of us to redefine our personal style in a way that first and foremost honors the self.

“The self-love lesson is one of those ones most of us have to learn the hard way - when you are too selfless and wrapped up in a relationship or person more than yourself you begin to lose yourself. I think discovering yourself, your interests, and your boundaries build such a strong sense of foundational self that a relationship becomes an addition to your life, not your whole life.“

 “Honestly one of the best things I discovered in my late twenties is having open and honest conversations about my romantic relationships and feelings I'm going through with my close girlfriends. Being more vulnerable has made for such a close connection and feeling that support and love outside of a romantic relationship again only adds to a strong self of self for me!”

 Tara loves all black and gold outfits as they are never leaving trends. A continuous labyrinth of classical identity with hints of today’s spirit in the stackable hoop earrings.

Tara’s journey through womanhood is marked by connection with authenticity, which for her means “doing things that you’re proud of in an honest way, that you can look back on fondly and not cringe!” This is what keeps her going, saying, “I find purpose in inspiring others to connect with their divine true selves.” Constantly striving for creativity, truth, and joy, she is truly an awe-inspiring woman.

Follow her journey here:

Tara Marzuki's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarmarz 

Lover's Sunday By Tara Marzuki:  https://www.loverssunday.com 

Tara Marzuki's Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/c/tarmar 

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