Client Spotlight: Gabby & Denis Bespoke Engagement Ring

When client Gabby contacted us earlier this year, we knew we were going to create a very special and unique diamond engagement ring. 
Living in Vancouver, we completed the entire bespoke process virtually with Gabby & Denis. Gabby approached our bespoke process with an open mind and was ready to embrace our collaborative process, sharing some of her inspirations and leaning on us to bring them the rest. Drawing from our DIONE, ISLA, LUCY, and SELENE rings we could envision a ring that truly reflected her personal style.  
Originally, Gabby wanted an Emerald cut diamond, but after exploring various stones, she found herself in love with Ovals. After moving forward with our sourcing & design bespoke fee, we leveraged our diamond expertise to find the perfect diamond for her. After carefully sourcing and reviewing our diamond videos and pictures from the comfort of her home, Gabby chose a soft elongated oval diamond with interesting soft, antique faceting.   
Each step smoothly leading to the next, we began designing around the stone. We went back and forth about the final design and wanted to make sure it had a sculptural element with its raised basket while still remaining low set and secure.  
Over the course of two months, we sourced diamond options for her, designed and created her bespoke engagement ring right here in NYC’s diamond district.  
Congrats to the lovely couple on their engagement <3! @gabohara & @denisdailyyt 

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