The Making of: The Serendipity Collection | AARYAH x CINQ

Last November, both female founders Megan and Macye crossed paths and instantly, their friendship flourished. Being young disruptive brands within the bridal space, they knew they had to collaborate to create something special.  
In January, Macye sent Megan sketches of her anticipated fourth collection and they immediately got to work. Drawing inspiration from CINQ’s feminine and soft textures and ode to a bride stepping onto the stage of their own love story, Megan began sourcing diamonds that mirrored the romantic, nostalgic, and vintage feel that is quintessentially CINQ. 
Over iMessage and in over just one month, Megan started to share the initial sketches she pictured for the collection. Designed for the CINQ Bride, Megan and Macye envisioned each style to be timeless and special in its own way through delicate and feminine silhouettes. 
The SERENDIPITY Collection features four rings in AARYAH’s signature hand brushed satin finish, an homage to AARYAH’s first engagement ring: TRIKONA.
A harmonious blend of romance with contemporary elegance, Megan and Macye, delicately captured the essence of both brands to create the SERENDIPITY collection.   
Traveling from New York to Los Angeles, the SERENDIPITY collection was featured in CINQ’s photoshoot for their fourth collection. 
During New York Bridal Week, AARYAH and CINQ welcomed guests to unveil both lustrous collections at the coveted Hotel Chelsea.  
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Explore The SERENDIPITY Collection Now.  
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