A Love Letter from our Founder 🤍

It’s my favorite month – April. There’s something really special about April – and I'm not just saying that because it’s my birthday month or because it’s the month of the diamond– but because it always feels like a new beginning. It may be that spring is slowly unfolding and the energy is lightening up, but there are so many reasons to love the symbolism of April.  



It is said, that the month of April is named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. So, it is no coincidence that this month is filled with an aura of tenderness and romance. 

During April, we get to celebrate fire sign, Aries. Aries is the first sign of the astrological calendar, representing the dawn of a new cycle, igniting fresh beginnings and daring ventures. The Aries’ ram embodies fiercely independent and stunningly intelligent people, who always blaze new trails. As a fellow Aries, I can confirm this is all true 😉.  

There’s a new gust of life in April, can you feel it in the air? For those of us in the bustling city of New York, the winter months can feel long and grey, with little reprieve from the concrete and cold skies. But behold, the arrival of spring brings a glorious transformation, as flowers burst in vibrant colors, trees turn leafy green, and the city awakens with new life. The energy of spring spreads into every nook of the city, reviving all that it touches. Let us enjoy the radiance of spring and indulge in the beauty of this wondrous season. 

As I embark on a new journey around the sun, I’ve been thinking about the present and what the future holds. Here are a few ways I’m preparing for my fresh start:  

In the Indian culture, jewelry holds a profound significance, imbued with the power of the earth's energy and the wisdom of the ages. The gems and stones that adorn our body are chosen with careful intent, delicately set to touch our skin to channel their energy into our very being. As the season of renewal dawns upon us, I want to align myself with the energies of the universe. As I align with the universe, I am seeking the companionship of a rose-quartz or warm diamond. These stones are known for their ability to awaken the heart and soul to the boundless potential of the universe while guiding us towards our true purpose.  

I am harnessing the power of affirmation and visualization to manifest my deepest desires and bring them into reality. So, let us together embrace the power of positive thought, and repeat after me: "April is full of abundance and opportunity, and I am ready to embrace all the wonders that lie ahead. Doors of opportunity are opening for me, and I step boldly towards my destiny." May the universe conspire in our favor, and may we all be blessed with abundance, growth, and fulfillment on this journey of life." 

Lastly, spring cleaning. As the earth awakens from its slumber, I’ll shed the old and make way for the new. My old possessions that I once cherished, now no longer serve their purpose, and so I honor them with gratitude and give them new life through donations. For when we release the old, we make way for the new to enter our lives! 

For this next year, I am hoping for endless inspiration, true connection and fulfillment!  

With love and light,  


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