Client Spotlight: Zaynab Issa

Zaynab came to us early this year to design an everyday fine ring that could be added to her jewelry stack. As a creative who uses her hands to create, it was important for her bespoke piece to be bold, balanced, and durable.We were so excited to start the bespoke process, especially after Zaynab mentioned she wanted to incorporate a unique yellow sapphire into her design. After our initial meeting, we created a mood board featuring elements that captured the essence of Zaynab's dream ring. After further discussion, we presented her with a couple of sketches that incorporated both modern and vintage-inspired elements.After carefully sourcing yellow sapphires, Zaynab chose a captivating yellow hexagon-shaped sapphire with a soft cool yellow hue. Feeling inspired by this unique shape, we developed designs to showcase this extraordinary hexagonal yellow sapphire.Zaynab wanted the yellow sapphire to be the main focus and decided the band should hug it tightly. To give the ring balance, two petite triangle diamond were later added to the either side of the sapphire to create a little sparkle moment without taking away from the center stone.Before we started production, Zaynab made the final decision for the ring to be white gold rather than yellow gold, creating a mixed tone ring. This new ring would balance and complement her other toned jewelry and seamlessly blended into the mix. As a final touch, we applied our distinctive satin finish to the ring, enhancing the brilliance of both side diamonds and the central yellow sapphire.

The outcome: a stunning one-of-a-kind yellow sapphire ring reflective of Zaynab’s creativity & warm personality. We had so much fun bringing her vision to life and designing around this mesmerizing stone!

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