The Gateway Ring: A Journey of Love, Design, and AI

Client Jared’s journey began on TikTok when he discovered our page, sparking a creative collaboration for a custom diamond engagement ring. 

Residing in Texas, Jared began his bespoke process virtually, without meeting us in person. From the start, Jared aspired to encapsulate his love story into a ring that symbolized the unity of emotion with intellect. 

Inspired by our COSMO and NYSSA rings, Jared and our team put together a mood board to start turning ideas into reality. With a rich background in product design and a decade of experience deploying Artificial Intelligence, Jared naturally turned to Generative AI to merge our mood board ideas with his vision.  

Jared's initial prompt on Midjourney, an AI program that generates images, led to surprising results that helped guide our design process for his custom engagement ring. Leveraging our expertise and using elements from the AI-generated designs, we offered technical insights and suggestions to transition from the AI imagery to refined watercolor sketches. 



Each step smoothly leading to the next in the creation of his engagement ring, we began sourcing the ideal diamond for this one-of-a-kind setting. 

Named by Jared and his partner Carrie, The Gateway features three pave bands with a bespoke  claw setting securing an elongated radiant diamond in 18KT yellow gold.  

The Gateway embodies the individual and collective strength of Jared and Carrie's love and intellect, with an infinity loop representing their unity, and a diamond that mirrors the vastness of the universe they pour their love into. 

Jared and his partner, Carrie, met in a treehouse in Jeff’s house, instantly igniting a love that soon made them inseparable. The proposal, fittingly, took place in a treehouse in Topanga Canyon where Carrie was moved by the ring's symbolism, joyfully accepting Jared's proposal. 

The story behind "The Gateway" is one-of-a-kind like the ring itself. This journey not only led to the creation of a radiant ring but also highlighted Generative AI as a groundbreaking tool for designers, offering a new way to magnify creativity and collaboration. As a product designer, Jared understood the importance of decision-making and sought to embody the intangible, love and intellect into a physical form. We are honored to have been part of Jared's story and are excited about the possibilities of technological advancements with human ingenuity. 


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