Founder Notes: Our New Beaded Mask Chains

Problem to Solution

Staying true to AARYAH's mission of crafting products with intention,

these Beaded Mask Chains purposefully fulfill the need of the hour. 


These last two months have been a very trying time for everyone alike. We have all been presented with unfamiliar challenges which we have had to learn to navigate and overcome. A personal challenge of mine was adjusting to wearing a mask when going outdoors for a walk, to the grocery store or even while in the car. I would find myself removing my mask regularly to catch a breath of fresh air or in between errands when back in my car. The constant worry of cross contamination while putting the mask back onto a surface or into my pocket was always on my mind.

Founder Megan trying out the first iteration of our YAARA Beaded Chain. 

I wanted to find a solution which would keep the mask on me at all times but also make it easy to take on and off. After several iterations, I would like to introduce you to our new category “Beaded Mask Chains”.



Made from all natural healing stones, we developed a simple, lightweight and comfortable Beaded Mask Chain to wear with any accessory of your choosing (mask for me obviously). With lobster claws on each side, hook your Beaded Chain onto your keys, glasses (silicon loops included) -- the choice is yours. We hope this new product provides you with a little bit of relief and brightness during this time.


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Creative direction + Photography by Lian Najarian 

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