Founder Notes: AARYAH Name Plate Necklaces

The Story Behind Our AARYAH Name Plate Necklaces:
The real inspiration starts with my own name - Megan. Megan is not a traditional Indian name, but it derives from “Meghna”, a name my parents originally wanted for me. A name may seem like a small decision, but it stays with you forever and guides the trajectory of your life. For my parents, assimilation was a key factor in their decision to spell Megan the way they did.

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Growing up, every time we'd go to a convenience store or stop at a gas station, I'd always find a souvenir with my name on it; whether it be a bumper sticker, a pin or a bracelet. I felt seen while my family never did. They'd always walk by that section knowing their name would never be there.

Thus came the inspiration for our custom name pieces. We started hand cutting Name Plate Necklaces in late 2016 to celebrate everyone’s story. AARYAH Name Necklaces were created for all the people that never saw themselves represented growing up. We see you, we hear you and we’re here for you ❤️
Be proud of where you come from because at the end of the day, that's one of your greatest gifts.
Megan Kothari
 AARYAH Founder

Left to right: A custom Marathi AARYAH Name Plate Necklace in Rose Gold, our AARYAH OHM Necklace featured in The Zoe Report, Beauty guru and influencer Rowi Singh in her custom "Rowi" AARYAH Name Plate Necklace

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Our Name Plate Necklaces can be hand cut in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, and many more languages. 

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