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NADI SHODHANA :  Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique
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During this high anxiety time, it's important to remember to use your breath to bring calmness to your body. Evelina Hinojosa, an Ayurvedic practitioner, is going to take us through a simple breathing exercise to help clear the mind. The beauty of our bodies is that we can self-heal. Watch Evelyn Hinojosa share this technique on AARYAH Instagram story


NADI SHODHANA - Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique
Benefits :
Reduction of stress & anxiety
Calms the nervous system
Promotes mental clarity
Helps to alleviate respiratory allergies 

Take a screenshot of this image and use it to refer back to:

Sit comfortably while closing your eyes
Right thumb over the right nostril, while placing right index & middle finger over the 3rd eye
Inhale from the left nostril - 5 counts
Hold the breath - 5 counts
Alternate and cover the left nostril with your ring finger
Exhale from the right nostril - 5 counts
Inhale from the right nostril - 5 counts
Hold the breath - 5 counts
Alternate and cover the right nostril with right thumb
Exhale from the left nostril- 5 counts
Repeat for 5-10 mins based on comfort level
*DISCLAIMER: Please don't try if you have a cold or are pregnant.*


Stay Well, Be Well.

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