National Jewel Day

Today is National Jewel Day - a day to recognize all the beauty and magic our Earth has created.   

 We’ve gathered some information on some of the most iconic gems the world has ever seen. We hope you enjoy learning about this Earth-made beauty
 Argyle Pink Diamonds - From 1983 to 2020, Australia’s Argyle Mine mined 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. The famous mine closed last year, meaning the pink diamonds that are floating around in the world today are extremely rare collector’s items.
$15 Million for 32.33ct Rough Pink Diamond found by Petra | Naturally  Colored
Kashmir Sapphires - The world’s rarest sapphire; these gems come from mines located in the Zanskar range, a remote part of the Himalayan Mountains. Blue velvet in color, the cornflower blue reflects light under all angles, making this nearly impossible-to-find jewel all the more alluring. 
Opal  - Certainly an intensely beautiful gem, Adam Sandler’s character in Uncut Gems says ““They say you can see the whole universe in opal, that's how old they are.” The variety of colors in an opal are unmatched, with the pattern mimicking that of a nebula.
Rubies - Gem-quality rubies are extremely hard to find. Burmese rubies hailing from Myanmar are typically the most top-grade. They have been coined pigeon’s blood stones for their purplish/ pinkish color and red fluorescence making them an extremely sought-after gemstone.
Tanzanite - These gorgeous blue and violet gems are sometimes harder to find than a diamond. There’s only one place in the world that produces them, and that’s Tanzania. 
Which one is your favorite? 

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