Bee Walker: International Women's Month

Bee Walker balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

Bee Walker, the independent creative director and co-founder of the New York-based creative studio Paper Monday, started her journey with a clear and specific goal like all successful entrepreneurs. Her ultimate goal was to create a museum-quality archive of content that will be housed in print collections, digital and physical libraries, and personal archives of their clients.

  Today at Paper Monday, she documents people and experiences in society through portraiture and visual storytelling and captures the heart of New York’s contemporary lifestyle.

  Bianca Paresh Pandit, aka Bee, is originally coming from Kenya, and her mother is Black African and her father is a Kenyan Indian from Gujarat, India. With such a beautiful cultural mix, a spiritual and strong vibration connects her to the world of creativity and empowerment.

 As Bee shares her story, she would proudly talk about her first steps toward success and independence “I’d freeze the years when I’d just met my husband and we were taking big chances on creative independence. We were so green and so scrappy. We had a lot of fun.” These great experiences of growth have been seen as particularly significant moments in her womanhood journey that she would like to remember forever. The ability of photography to freeze a moment in time is beautiful and unique that’s the reason Bee chose this vocation.  
"Telling the truth" is the key to remaining authentic in your work and creating distinctive operas. When you create something with your heart that tells a true story of a family, a successful business-woman, or a bond between a mom and her child, that’s when you reveal original creative content.

    Bee Walker is not just a visual storyteller, she is also a loving mom. Bee declares her heart, with a smile full of love and a look of accomplishment, that she is the proudest of "carrying, birthing, and breastfeeding my daughter."

  The most wonderful moments of a woman’s life are when you are mature and strong enough to dedicate your life to the growth of another pure soul, the soul of your child. In Bee’s perspective, womanhood meansA relationship with my particular body: It’s the ability to bear biological children and its experiences in society relative to what we call manhood. I’m happy that all these terms and labels are being opened up and reevaluated.”

  As a young mom and creative, Bee is now prioritizing Spiritual grounding, physical conditioning, rest, and parenting” in this great chapter of her life. Where does Bee find the purpose to handle both worlds? In the day-to-day running of our creative studio, our home, and family life.” A strong devoted and creative woman like Bee is declaring that she is inspired by “Kim K as a mom, public figure, and businesswoman”, and that she will always balance her passion for her creative studio and her family.

  A powerful reminder and communicator of herself is rendered into an artistic tattoo “I have an OM tattoo on my right wrist. I drew it myself and had it done as soon as I turned 18 by a female tattoo artist. It was important at that time because I wanted to assert my whole, complex, mixed identity and felt the tattoo symbolized that part of me most clearly.” 

  Om (Aum) tattoos are a popular design. The Sanskrit symbol is well known for its beauty and elegance and meaning in the Indian culture. A symbol with multiple meanings even though the sound is commonly written as OM, is actually spelled AUM. Om is often interpreted as the first sound of the Universe or the sum of all sounds. Om is frequently sung as an Indian mantra and Bee, with her strong beliefs, has created a beautiful mantra of her life!


   Bee appreciates the presence of jewelry since she adores art. She wears jewelry to express herself while she sees these adornments as a quintessential element.


  As a strong believer in life’s energies and astrological finds Bee is choosing a statement piece, the AARYAH 18KT Gold ZODIAC MEDALLION. This necklace is surrounded by glory, mystic components, and good fortune; its appearance mimics the organic and aged feel of a gold coin. To honor the cosmic energies, Bee chooses a classic yet medieval jewel to represent the force of human nature.



  Bee Walker is courageous, as evidenced by her demeanor, her strong business vision, and her role as a caring mother. She typically chooses jewelry that highlights her personality, so she went with the LIZ Diamond Bezel Ring this time. This renowned bezel set diamond exemplifies the strength of diamond, the hardest substance on the planet. The dazzling white radiant cut diamond set in a square bezel exudes the confidence of any powerful woman. This ring, named after the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, will stand the test of time and strengthen your inner strength.


  A natural brown 1crt pear shape diamond ring named NYOKA is part of Bee’s fantastic combination of jewelry. The piece's wraparound design resembles that of a snake. In Swahili, "nyoka" means "snake." Bee adores the graceful movement of this ring, and she enjoys contrasting its elegancy with the assertiveness of another.

  When running a business and caring for a family, anyone can easily lose sight of themselves. Finding your peace in whatever makes you truly happy is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, but Bee reminds us that one person can't do it all. “I’m blessed to have a very hands-on and invested husband. We share the responsibilities of parenting, creative work, and home life. And he’s a legitimate baby whisperer.”

  "Being a mother teaches you about strengths you didn't know you had and forces you to confront fears you didn't know you had." Simultaneously being a mother is the most beautiful gift this world has to offer and for Bee “It’s surreal. it sometimes feels like a big complex relationship that transcends time and also like a simple, everyday connection." It is said that the first years are the hardest but they make wonders to someone’s life as it made with Bianca’s life.

  Her child's first birthday was a joyous occasion. It was a celebration for herself as well because they had made it through a whole year of new motherhood and family parenthood. Those are the moments that she will never erase from her family portrait and will always bring her joy and power to connect better with the world. This experience has inspired her creative work and she feels like ”It’s changed the way I relate to my body and inspired me to care for my creative possibilities in the same way I care for my physical possibilities.” Finding balance in your life and doing what you enjoy is important and Bee gives us the three keywords that we should live by: "Eat, sleep, and exercise." Clearing your mind, exercising your body and sleeping are the key simple things to triumph.

To remain present we always need to create a healthy lifestyle and to be able to ground ourselves. The inspiring mom and creative director shared with us many secrets Running grounds me and helps me stay present. I need to sweat and spend that time with myself.” 

 Finally, some words of wisdom for all the strong and beautiful women out there about the stages of womanhood “Enjoy every stage for what it is. If you’re single, enjoy it. If you’re in a relationship, enjoy that. Just decide to be happy no matter what.” 

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