AARYAH: Feel The Power, Wear The Story|| Launch VIdeo

AARYAH Brand Video

Videographer: Toshiki Yashiro

Stylist: Carla Marie Davis

Model: Mason || APM

MUA:  @facebyvickyminaj

OUR PURPOSE Inspired by its roots, dedicated to the craft, designed to tell a story, AARYAH crafts jewelry that celebrates the culture, confidence, and character of women around the world. Adding a new dimension to the beauty of natural stones and metals, AARYAH’s pieces are designed to tell the story of both, the creators and the keepers: from the hands that make them to the hands that wear them. Each AARYAH piece is a statement of empowerment, emotion, and expression, opening the doors to a free spirited and fearless community. We deem that every woman should wear her inner warrior. Feel the power, wear the story.

OUR INTENTION Our skin is our body’s largest organ. We should protect it, take care of it, and above all, honor it. It is important to be mindful about what we put against our skin. Connecting our skin with the right quality and energies is an integral philosophy for AARYAH. That’s why we use only precious metals and natural stones which are kind to our skin, and with love and care, can be turned into an heirloom piece. At our core, we believe in the power of worn objects to hold us down to earth. We hope that our jewelry sparks a journey—encouraging the wearer to seek a path of passion to guide them in their day-to-day.