We take pride in working with Indian-based artisans as well as second and third-generation NYC-based jewelers to create powerful pieces that are made to last. We work with trusted partners that have a worldwide network that allows us to source our ethically earth-mined precious gems and diamonds. We are committed to upholding ethical and environmentally-conscious standards for mining and sourcing stones. 

To see a more extensive materials and care page, please read our blog post.

Aaryah Materials - Aaryah Banner 1 Diamond


We only use natural and ethically sourced diamonds in our pieces that follow the Kimberley Process. 


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet, and while our pieces are made for daily use, they are not indestructible.

  1. To clean diamonds at home, you can soak the piece in a soap and water mixture or use a soft toothbrush to gently clean it

 Aaryah Gold - Aaryah Banner 3 Gold


We make jewelry in 9KT, 10KT, 14KT and 18KT Yellow Gold. 

Gold’s value increases over time, meaning that it is one of the only investments you can adorn your body with and carry with you throughout your life.


  1. Remove your jewelry before exercising or swimming
  2. Wipe down your piece after wearing with a dry, soft cloth and store it separately from your other jewelry to avoid scratching
Aaryah Silver - Aaryah Banner-2 Sterling Silver 1

Sterling silver

Silver offers a number of benefits from its quality to its versatile form & function. Our sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, 7.5% other metals (copper, nickel).


  1. Our high shine sterling silver pieces have a reflective finish which gives them extra shine. Over time, the high shine finish will wear off, exposing the oxidized sterling silver underneath. Some people actually like the look of the silver but for those that want to restore the high shine, in most cases your piece can be polished again. To learn more e-mail us at info@aaryah.com and we can share our repair policy and fees. 
  2. Keep your high shine sterling silver pieces separate from your other jewelry
  3. Silver tarnishes rapidly when exposed to certain substances in our everyday lives so we recommend caring for, wearing and storing your jewelry as mentioned above.

 Aaryah Platinum - Aaryah Banner 5 Platinum


Platinum is stronger and denser than gold, making it perfect for everyday wear. And since it isn’t as soft as gold, platinum jewelry contains more pure platinum, around 85-95%. This is usually marked as “850” or “950.”


  1. You can use mild soap and water or a cleaner made specifically for platinum
  2. Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the meta

Aaryah Gemstone - Aaryah Banner 4 Gemstone


We only use natural gemstones in all of our AARYAH pieces. Our workshop in Jaipur hand cuts each natural stone, transferring energy and meaning to the next hands it will touch.


  1. Natural gemstones are very sensitive and don’t react well to hard surfaces and chemicals 
  2. Since many natural gemstones can be quite delicate, hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all times 
  3. Avoid contact with harsh, abrasive materials or glass cleaners and try to avoid leaving your pieces out in the sun as that alters the color of the stones 
  4. Clean your gemstones with a clean, soft, damp untreated cloth after wearing 
  5. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean gemstones as they can cause scratching