Centered on female forward
designs, breaking barriers,
and creating unique pieces
that reflect the individuality
of the women that wear them,
AARYAH creates diamond and
fine jewelry pieces that put
women’s voices first.





Unconventional cuts, unique settings, and styles that honor your journey, every AARYAH piece is inspired by the hands that make them and those that wear them. We marry diamond expertise and design to create jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful for a lifetime.


We are women for women. AARYAH’s mission is to bring women voices to the forefront and honor the beauty of their stories. In a historically male-dominated industry, our work disrupts tradition. Women are the designers, the creators, the leaders, and the wearers; Each AARYAH piece puts the power in their hands.


As a vertically integrated business, we take pride in our ability to offer a level of quality and design that sets us apart from the competition. With an in house diamond wholesale team, we have a unique business advantage – the ability to source rare and exceptionally cut diamonds unavailable to most in the market- leveraging our internal team’s expertise and industry connections. By controlling our supply chain, we provide clients with innovative designs, responsibly sourced diamonds, unparalleled value, all while disrupting the limitations of the traditional bridal industry.

Our diamonds that are ethically sourced, conflict-free, and adhere to the United Nation’s stringent Kimberley Process. We work with recycled and certified fine metals and our pieces are consciously and carefully made. We are deeply committed to moving gently and intentionally in all we do at AARYAH. Our jewelry is always made with you, the earth, and the future of the industry in mind.