Gabriela Alatorre

Welcome to our new photo series #OwnTwoHands. Our own two hands are the windows to our personal journey. In this series, we explore and share the endless creative possibilities one can achieve with self determination.
Our first feature is the talented virtual artist Gabriela Alatorre based in Berlin, Germany.

"I'm a virtual artist, and sometimes a mess" 



"My body is the first place where I inhabit" 


What do you call home?
"My body is the first place where I'm inhabit, my body is home"

What is the most powerful thing you've done with your own two hands? 
"I protect myself and take care of myself with #MyOwnTwoHands" 
At AARYAH, we believe in the power of worn objects to hold us down to earth. We hope that our jewelry sparks a journey—encouraging the wearer to seek a path of passion to guide them in their day-to-day.
Follow Gabriela Alattore's journey 


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