Jacky Lee: International Women's Month

Jacky Lee: the Inspiring Artist in the Heart of New York

  Jacky Lee has many titles as an NYC-based creative: she is an artist, painter, grandma, mother, and model. 

Jacky Lee: International Women's Month

Jacky is a woman who takes pride in her multiple identities and grounds herself in her creativity. Her portraits provide a medium through which she can freely express her roots or anyone else’s character and unique origins.

  A creation from her own two hands that makes her the proudest is a self-portrait. She says, “As an artist, I have painted and created many pieces over the years. One of my favorite pieces is a fantasy self-portrait.” Art that comes from Stefanie’s hands is impressive, individualistic, and expressive. She can capture a soul with just a canvas and a brush.

  A powerful reminder and a communicator of the self, she also expresses herself through her appearance. Of using her eyes as a canvas she tells us, “Winging my eyes is a way of showcasing and embracing the nuances of my Korean DNA.” We can tell that Jacky’s identity means a lot to her as she proudly shared that “It is a privilege to be a product of my Ancestors’ trials, tribulations, and successes. My African ancestry survived the Slave ships. My Korean ancestry survived the Korean War… I am here.

  Reflecting on another element of her identity: her femininity, Jacky’s words on the unique yet deeply interconnected journey of womanhood bring us together: “I love being a woman, it comes with challenges but lovely experiences as well. A rose comes to mind, a balance of strength and softness.” Not only does she inspire us, but she is also influenced by Insooni, a well-known Korean singer who is also multiracial.

  As a powerful woman who expresses herself through art, Jacky continuously chose unique and intricate jewelry pieces during the shoot that spoke to the strength and softness of her femininity.

Jacky Lee: International Women's Month

As a representation of her true womanhood, Jacky wears a black power suit highlighted by the CHRYS Ring. A simple gold band with an uneven solitaire, this ring has its roots in the geometrical lines of Art Deco and plays in a fantastic way with modern architecture.


Jacky Lee: International Women's Month

To add more aesthetic taste to this gorgeous turquoise outfit, Jacky wears an iconic strand of shimmer, MINA Diamond Tennis Necklace. With over 200 diamonds this brilliant cut natural diamond necklace sparkles with every move – a powerful statement piece.

   Jacky Lee: International Women's Month 

  Jacky loves strong simplicity, and there is nothing better than perfect diamond studs that catch your eyes. MONA RADIANT DIAMOND STUDS are a modern take on traditional studs, emitting a dazzling radiance.
  Sailing through life is a blessing that aids in the creation of a masterpiece and the shaping of one's self. Jacky, who boldly embraces the silver lining of her hair, provides inspiration for a life lived with authenticity. She is wise, strong, and confident and she is declaring “Inner power grows from our experiences. Live life. Experience more. Embrace your whole self, confidence will follow.
  Society often pushes back against women who embrace the natural hair color. Moving through life’s phases with grace and acceptance is a power that she has gained. “Frankly, after dyeing, bleaching… coloring my hair for decades I was simply tired of the process. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I decide how I want to show up and silver hair is where I am.
Today, Jacky Lee finds purpose in her family and she is prioritizing peace of mind in this great chapter of her life. She achieves her goals by living by integrity, intuition, and solitude; characteristics that will support her current lifestyle and allow her to embrace peace. Her advice on remaining authentic during this journey? “Knowing yourself, understanding your values, and staying true to that.


 Jacky's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackyleenyc/ 

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