Resetting an Heirloom Diamond

At AARYAH, we are mesmerized by the many lives a diamond has lived and the history it carries. Knowing this, we believe the connection between any diamond and the right setting is a profound expression of individuality, capturing the unique story in its current chapter. 

So, what happens when you have an heirloom diamond and are ready to breathe new life into your stone? 
We love creating bespoke pieces and are so excited to offer resetting services to continue crafting unique pieces that reflect all phases of you!   
What is resetting?  

Resetting is like giving your jewelry a refreshing new start. We typically take a diamond from one setting and place them into a new setting. Resetting can be done for different reasons like freshening up an older style, fixing a broken setting, or to reuse stones from one piece of jewelry to make another. 

Why have we started resetting again? 
As we lead towards a more sustainable future, we believe resetting is an extension of our intentional craft. We proudly make our jewelry in the heart of NYC's diamond district, eliminating the need for extensive transportation. 
In the past year, we have focused on working with more reclaimed and antique diamonds and are excited to continue this momentum by working with heirloom stones.

Can I reset my stone into an AARYAH Setting?  
Yes, we can reset your stone into an AARYAH Setting (exclusions apply)! You can also reset one of our stones into a different setting. Learn more here 

Can I reset my heirloom diamond into an original design?  

Yes! We love creating pieces that truly reflect our clients and their journey. Our team of skilled jewelers and designers will work closely with you to understand your preferences and bring your dream design to life. Learn more here.  

How It Works: 

  • Consultation: Contact our team to discuss your vision and preferences for the new setting. Learn more about how we work on resets. 
  • Design Phase: Collaborate with our experts to create a design that aligns with your desires.
  • Crafting Your Dream Ring: Our NYC jewelers will skillfully reset your diamond into the new setting.
  • Delivery: Experience the joy of receiving a ring that perfectly encapsulates your style and love.

AARYAH’s Commitment to Your Happiness 

Your satisfaction is at the core of what we do. At AARYAH, our resetting service is an extension of our dedication to ensuring that your journey with us goes beyond owning a remarkable diamond; we strive to create pieces that mirror your unique personality and style. 

Ready to Reset Your Stone?  
We cannot wait to give your beloved stone a new life! 

Email us at

Get Started - Resetting Jewelry

At this time, we will only be considering heirloom/ natural diamonds. We do not be accept loose stones or lab grown diamonds. 


Exclusions apply to our resetting service.

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